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Bu sistem dilediğiniz amaçla kullanabileceğiniz, tamamen şifrelenmiş bir video konferans çözümüdür.

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Online Course - Distance Learning System

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Online Course

It is a website where you can start distance education with your students instantly.


Distance Learning

Today, the importance of Distance Education is increasing day by day. It is a unique opportunity to contribute to your students' education outside of school.


Virtual Classroom

Thanks to the Virtual Classroom and Digital board, you can interact with your students interactively.


Video Lesson

You can open your camera so that your students can watch and listen to you.

You can also let your students open their camera if you wish.


“You can contribute to your students' successful education. ”


Why Online Course?

You start training in 5 minutes.

You can reach as many students as you want.

You won't experience any lag in image and sound.

You can train in the comfort of your home.

You can have all this very cheap.